Gratitude for life

Sitting here on my cozy balcony, enjoying the green freshly mowed grass of the backyards, the clear pigmented stunning flowers and roses that found their way out after long lasting rain and persisting sunshine.

To my left, my tea mug sending flavors of Japanese cherry tea, a reminder of family spring time, a chat around the dinning table until late in the night, a midnight snack and caring laughter.

To my right, this evergreen Jasmin plant with long-awaited blossom. The fresh buds are slowly showing up, yet some life journeys take just what they take!

And on the green grass comes the hedgehog family one after the other seeking food and water to sustain themselves, they have been welcomed and they know it.

I used to feel at my best during night hours, I could finally think when the day was by, listen to my favorite joint compositions, and just be. Then that changed with the time and the night scared me for what it could bring along : emptiness, darkness, loneliness.

But tonight I am sitting here, enjoying the light dimming and turning into darkness, enjoying the chirping of the birds before they rest in the large trees surrounding me, and being fond of the geranium scent filling the air as the evening breeze takes over. Tonight I am just sitting here, and enjoying all of this, with the crepitation of the near-by grasshoppers in the background like a summer aide-mémoire…

And when I thought this was it, the bats came out to wing their way, like a call for life, in all its known forms to me. How lucky can one person be to see all of this from their own cozy balcony?!

Grateful for the gift of life.

Malgré ton départ

Malgré ton départ, je te vois
dans la beauté des couchés de soleil
dans la clarté pénétrante du ciel
dans le sourire franc d’un étranger
dans la douceur des brises de la nuit

Un an nous sépare, l’éternité nous réuni
Et quand tu me manques, je m’adresse au vent
Lui connaît certainement ton abri.

Tu contiens mon âme
Malgé ton départ…

الله يرحمك يابابا

The long lasting tree

I grew up under a tree. An old and healthy large tree, with an amazing trunk, full branches, a strong bark and beautiful flourishing leaves.

I grew up under the long lasting tree.

الله يرحمك يا بابا