The long lasting tree

I grew up under a tree. An old and healthy large tree, with an amazing trunk, full branches, a strong bark and beautiful flourishing leaves.

I grew up under the long lasting tree.

الله يرحمك يا بابا

Places of you

Flipping through the memories of places we were
Far away places, simple, and pure
Pictures of people came back
Of their stories,
Of the little shops and the crowds
Pictures of oranges, wheels, and sand
Sounds of Athan, calling for the prayer times

Memories of trust, confidence and books
Lot of books, and dimmed lights
A confidence that carries you
A life long

Memories of schools, lot of schools
Loads of names and faces
Of people we appreciated, pictures of their smiles
Of a second breakfast, a frech mint tea

Memories of black hair
Of coffee and cloves flavor
And a Friday couscous gathering
A smile on your face

Memories of you carrying us
On all the journeys of your destiny
With pride and passion

With love care and pride

الله يرحمك يا بابا…

My wall

I had a wall; Between the rain, the cold and my bones

I had a wall; Between the snow, the hunger and my soul

I had a wall; Between the hurt, the burning sun and my skin

I had a wall; A shelter, a room in dark winter days

A soft bubble, that sheltered my soul as I wiped my tears

I had a wall, that straightned my back as no other did

In dark as in light, in summer as in winter days…

There you are, gone. And all the winds play with my soul as they deem.

There you are, gone. And all the monsters did appear.

They you are, gone. And my entire world seem in appeal.

I had you my wall, yet I believed I had a rock-solid wheel

I had your love, and that was my only solid gear…

Grateful for 2017


I am grateful for freedom

for my family and friends

for love in all its known forms to me

for being able to read and bridge worlds between the lines of my books

for the time I can spend in any way I would like to

for amazing and carefree people I am surrounded by

for laughter

for a warm jacket when the winter wind races by like a jalous girlfriend

for clean water

for coffee

for my keyboard right now…

I am grateful for life that came though me, and that will always beat inside of me regardless of how dear it is outside of me…

I am grateful for a beautiful 2017, for a challenging year that brought life, love and trust.





Quand l’âme réjoui d’autant d’amour que ce qu’elle peut recevoir, c’est une légèreté et un serein… Pour votre amour inconditionnel, je serais à jamais reconnaissante.

#SurroundedByLove #SurroundedByFriends

An afternoon on the couch

Headache and dry lips remind you of drinking – Coffee is always a good idea but not when you don’t feel well – Naelle is at the day care, is that a blessing or curse? – Studies pilling, work waiting, and all you are active at is : sleeping 🙂