Places of you

Flipping through the memories of places we were
Far away places, simple, and pure
Pictures of people came back
Of their stories,
Of the little shops and the crowds
Pictures of oranges, wheels, and sand
Sounds of Athan, calling for the prayer times

Memories of trust, confidence and books
Lot of books, and dimmed lights
A confidence that carries you
A life long

Memories of schools, lot of schools
Loads of names and faces
Of people we appreciated, pictures of their smiles
Of a second breakfast, a frech mint tea

Memories of black hair
Of coffee and cloves flavor
And a Friday couscous gathering
A smile on your face

Memories of you carrying us
On all the journeys of your destiny
With pride and passion

With love care and pride

الله يرحمك يا بابا…