The positivity challenge, the 21st of October 2014

After having got the fever of the #positivityChallenge through FB (usually set for a week aiming at making you post 3 positive things on a daily basis), I decided to do this for a longer time, as I really appreciated this happiness exercise, but here on WP.

So, for today :

1/- Started the day with lots of energy and had a relaxed chat with my colleagues connecting Bonn to Tokyo. Some meetings could be more stressful, especially in the morning…

2/- The rain today was just amazing. In fact, I am a rain lover, and even if I forgot my umbrella, I still didn’t mind the rain drops falling on my head… A wash it away kind of feeling. I was just exited about picking N up and heading home.

3/- The feeling of connectivity was strong & dinner was delicious 🙂

Happiness could be found in simple moments of our daily life.

I do agree 🙂


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