After a long week

Of « hard work » between the office, the little N and a job application, it feels good to just put my head on a pillow and close my eyes.

I will miss your charming presence dear colleague, and your bright smile 🙂 its funny how life puts special people on our way and then shows us different paths… But fortunately the WAN makes it all up and we nevertheless stay, regardless of the distance, connected!

And the coffee breaks remain… A kind of fresh reminder of all the lovely moments we share, we would like to keep sharing, and that, one day, we will definitely flash our routines with as a nostalgic meeting, and drink it down again…

To the unique R, thank you for brightening up my days in the office and through hard times. I’ve tried to keep my emotions hidden but knowing you, I’m sure you found your way to them 🙂

Bon vent a toi, et vivement notre prochaine pause café!

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