A brand new Sunday morning

Good morning dear, how did you sleep and what did you deam? It’s breakfast time!!

This was my interpretation of the singing birds this morning. It’s such a blessing to hear such notes in the early morning, as if the nature speaks through its little fragile orchester to you. As if the univers, after long meditation sessions, wants to prove to you that you made it to marry your inner energy to its huge ball of gluing stars that fuels all its movements, that you are under the umbrella of its connectivity, floating through the different layers of its understanding, and above all, your spirit means something to its variables and plays a role within its complicated ecosystem.

This week, I’m taking part of a swimming course, it is about learning, in a more practical way, how to float between the different layers of energy in one’s body. How to hold on one’s inner energy if it is a synonym peace and self-belonging, and how to get rid of the rest, as we experience thousands different ways of filling ourselves with motivation, hope and perseverance. This does not mean that we are able to filter, to organize, to protect and to float. It is not even a learning process, it’s apparently just a question of orientation and sometime even of « egoism », no matter how many negative associations are defining this word in each one’s brain.

I usually try not to get philosophical in the mornings, and it does not happen so often neither… So I’m going to try to stop myself here and get to the normal bloging mode 🙂

BJ is still sleeping, and I’ve started adapting to my parenting tasks as to my free possible time. I’m writing before she starts asking for breakfast, music and games, and before I would have caress her so that she falls to sleeping again. Harder tasks make smoother people out of us. And I’m glad about that…

Today is supposed to be a relaxation day, a book/coffee/terrace/bath/music kind of day. I’m also planning to paint my thoughts again… All to externalize every little peace of thought and sit there, empty, me, myself, my BJ, and thousands of little non important things to get done here and there! It sounds funny but as said before : Happiness could be sensed so delicately sometimes.

Happy Sunday, I’ve just made my move and floated my wave into your bubble of energy… hoping to get yours back 🙂

And the birds go on…

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